Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Boys!

"Ponyboy, you're Only 17 and I'm 16...."
"So, I Love You. Isn't that what counts?" he questioned.
"Yes, But-"
"But what? Don't you love me?" he interrupted
"I Do Love You!" She Paused. "Okay, I-"
'oh God, what do I do,' I thought to myself as I looked into Pony's eyes. 'He really did a this for me?'
I felt a tear slide down my cheek. He frowned a little bit and stood up wiping away the tear with the pad of his thumb. I held onto his had that was still by my cheek.
"We're so young." I whispered.
"I'll wait if that's what your worried about," he gently wrapped his hands around my neck "I'll wait for you forever, I love you so much Brooklyn."
A small sob escaped my trembling lips. Pony took me into his arms and I cried on his shoulder.
"I-I love you t-too." I managed to get out through my sobs. He wrapped his arms around me tighter and I knew right then that no matter what I would always love him. He was my heart and soul. My best friend. My shoulder to cry on. I knew right then that I couldn't live with out him in my life cause no matter what happened we would always be together through it all.
"Yes." I whispered.
"W-what did you say?" he pulled me back to look at him.
I nodded my head yes while wiping away my tears,"Yes Ponyboy, I'll marry you!" I giggled.
"Oh yeah!! Who's the luckiest man in the world, " he screamed at the top of his lungs, "John you get that on tape?!"
"Really Pony?" I giggled sarcastically.
He spun around and grabbed me pulling me to him giving me the most passionate kiss I've ever received in my life. I gave him a little peck and moved away from him going over to Johnny starting to tear up a little more.
"Johnny?" I sniffed.
"Yeah Brookie?"
"Will you walk me down the isle and give me away?" I said barely keeping it together.
He pulled me into a loving brotherly embrace and kissed my forehead. "Of course I will Cookie Monster." I laughed and started sobbing again and hugged him real tight. "I love you Johnny." I said smiling up at him with watery eyes. He chuckled and looked down at me, " Love you too little sis." I laughed and kissed him on the cheek. "Come on let's get back to the party!" I said happily taking the hands of my two favorite men. "Wait!" Pony said ," here..all the stores were closed and I figured you deserved a ring still. We'll go pick one out tomorrow." He kissed me real fast and slid on a plastic ring out of a vending machine. I giggled, "I love it!" "Alright! Alright! Enough with the mushy stuff...can we get back to the party now??" Johnny huffed. I poked him in the side, "Someone needs to lighten up!" I said laughing. He just rolled his eyes and put his arm around my shoulder with Pony's around my waste. Mine around both of their wastes. "I love you guys," I said looking up at both of them, "you both mean so much to me and I'm glad I have you in my life." "We love you too Brooks." they said mimicking each other. I stopped in my tracks and they turned around to see what was wrong. "Did you two rehearse that?" I said astounded. "You never to with us now do ya Broc?" Johnny said trying to be a smartass but failing miserably. "Shut up Johnny only Kyle can call me that." I said slapping his cheek not so gently cause he winced a little from the cold air. I winced right after, "Ooh..haha sorry!" I said starting to run towards the car, "Yeah you better be little girl!" "Watcha gonna do ground me from my wedding?" I asked smirking.

~Brookie Cookie Cade~ :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Is Our Town

Okay first! I know I haven't posted in a while. It's cause my other account...well something happened to it? So yeah!!(:

       Walking home from cheer practice. It's me what will happen? Of course to my displeasure a group of socs come riding up in their stupid little souped up 2011 BMW convertible. Course I was close to the lot so I could run ,but that' would be stupid. Why would I run when they'd catch me and make things worse for myself? No I just stopped walking. Stopped and stood there knowing I couldn't help myself anyway. "Hey cutie need a ride?" the driver asked? I shook my head no. I heard the passenger get out and grabbed my wrist. "Baby it wasn't a question." he started tugging me to the car. Like I said I couldn't help myself so I went with him til' I felt someone grab me from behind and tug me backwards. The kid pulling me into the car looked scared. Well they all did. I didn't have to be a mind reader to know it was one of the guys was there. "I think ya'.. need to Head on back to your territory." a menacing voiced said behind me. Course I wasn't scared..I've heard it before. They just nodded their heads and drove off. Suddenly I was spun around to see Dally standing there looking beyond pissed. "Brook! What the hell was that?" He said irritated. I winced slightly and shrugged him off and started walking again. He grabbed my arm. "Brook!" "Hm?" I mumbled raising an eyebrow. "what-.." he trailed off trying to find words and spreading his arms out in a 'WTF' manner. I shrugged again and started walking already feeling my anger boiling from having to be saved yet again. We walked to the lot to see people there. Dawn, Soda, Carson, Blair, Tim, Kyle, and Bre. "Hey Brooks how was cheer?" Bre asked pretending to cheer and mimicking me. I just shrugged and said nothing. "Whoa...someones in a mood. Broc that always pisses you off what happened?" "Ya wanna know what happened?" Dal asked rhetorically sounding pissed still. "She thought she'd let herself go with some pussy socs." he half yelled. I was fighting tears by then while Dawn grabbed me by the shoulders and screamed, "Boogs why in fucking heaven and earth would you do that?" Tears rolled down my face "Because! None! and I mean NONE of you know what it's like to have to be saved every time a stupid soc comes your way! NONE of you don't have to worry about getting jumped cause you can fucking handle yourselves!" I screamed, Dawn tried to hug me but I pushed her away roughly tears still falling. "I HATE being so innocent and so fucking scared all the time that I might die the next day because of people who think they're better then us. But what I hate the most is that I can't do a damn thing about it. Why?" I laughed humorlessly. " Because not one of us can do a damn thing to change what the hell goes on in their selfish little heads" I said almost whispering. Nobody said anything. Just stood there shocked that I acctually had the balls to scream at people who could kick my ass easily. I knew they wouldn't though...they all cared to much to let me get hurt. They've showed it enough times that I already knew no matter what happend to me they'd always be there. Socs or no. I wiped my tears away and picked up my cheer bag and walked towards home. "Ya know I think she can handle herself.." I heard Soda whisper to them. I turned around a little and chuckled then smirked. I shrugged and started walking back home again ,but yet again another car pulled up. JOY! I looked over at everybody. "Hey baby" he whispered in my ear. "forget them, come have a little fun with us." I smiled tightley and shook my head. "No thank you" He gripped my arm "I said COME have a little fun no questions asked." He said trying to pull me to the car. "and I said NO!" I said pulling back and digging my feet into the ground to stop from moving anywhere. " 'scuse me little girl? nobody says no to me!" "Well looks like I'm nobody 'cause I just did." He gripped my arm tighter and brought his fist back to punch me ,but I beat him to it. I heard a sickening crack come from his nose and he kneeled to the ground moaning in pain. Everybody else started jumping out of the car. I obviously couldn't take them all cause even the leader of the group was getting back up and backing me into a tree. "HELLO!!! I said I hated being saved but I never said I wanted to die!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs over to everybody. They came running over and took the socs out with in a minute. "Hey uh..Brook not to burst you bubble or anything ,but didn't yelling for help kinda defeat the whole purpose of your little speach back there?" Tim asked hooking his thumb over his shoulder. I shrugged "yeaaah...but like I said I didn't plan on dying today. I mean I'm only sixteen there's too much I haven't done yet." "couch virgin couch" carson teased. "oh shit that reminds me. H-a- H-a. I uh..gotta go.." I said smiling...and starting to turn to walk away. "Reminds you of what Broke?" I smiled devilishly "Pones is waiting for me at home! So Dawn ya might wanna go somewhere else for the night! Bye!!" I said running off before anybody else could stop me from what I was about to do. Can't now. deed is done. ;)

~Brookie Cookie~